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Radiocarpal joint and wrist treatment in Zaporizhia

If you regularly work at home and you feel numbness in your arm after a long working day; if your job requires a meticulous level of detail but you have a wrist tremor; if you fell on a straight arm and unable to move it; if you feel stiffness and have difficulty holding a tea cup - you need to have a specialist look at your radiocarpal joint and a wrist itself.

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A radiocarpal joint works as a link between a forearm and a wrist, and in such a function it copes with different volumes of pressure on daily basis ensuring all movements of our arms.

Besides all sorts of injuries, a radiocarpal joint, due to its anatomy structure, is highly susceptible to inflammatory diseases. Those lead to conditions that limit a patient’s working capacity and considerably reduce quality of their life. That is why if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • skin redness over the joint
  • stiffness of movements in the joint
  • pain after normal activity or during idle time
  • swelling of soft tissues around the joint

you need to urgently see a traumatologist. And you can do this at The Rudenko Clinic in Zaporizhia.



Radiocarpal joint and wrist common diseases and traumas

wrist pain

The most common traumas of a radiocarpal joint and a wrist include:

  • fractures of a radial bone, an elbow bone, wrist bones or a wrist
  • ruptures and sprains of ligaments
  • brushes
  • dislocations

Diseases of a radiocarpal joint and a wrist can have an inflammatory or an autoimmune genesis. Usually, they appear as a consequence of past infections, traumas or as a result of continuous, excessive physical pressure. They are:

  • arthritis of a radiocarpal joint or arthritis of wrist joints
  • synovitis
  • tendinitises
  • bursitides
  • carpal tunnel syndrome



Radiocarpal joint and wrist diagnostics and treatment

Diagnostics of wrist traumas include an initial examination by a doctor orthopedist-traumatologist, an X-ray and, if those methods are insufficient, a computerized tomography or MRT can be used (especially in cases that require augmented visualization of fractures or injuries).

All patients of The Rudenko Clinic have one unarguable advantage. Medical treatment of radiocarpal joints and wrists’ traumas is one of the specialties of Zaporizhia Interregional Centre of Reconstructive Surgery. The Centre has a surgery and a micro-surgery room that work round-the-clock and are ready to treat patients any time. Our surgery rooms are stuffed with state-of-the-art professional equipment and cutting-edge technology, powerful surgical microscopes and other high precision equipment that will be very instrumental in restoring functionality of an afflicted limb. Our doctors constantly upgrade their qualification and never stop keeping up with medical world developments in order to give you an opportunity to live without pain or limitations.

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