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Shoulder joint treatment in Zaporizhia

What to do if you feel pain in your shoulder? Whom to see if you are unable to raise an arm?

There is an answer to those questions: you need a consultation with an orthopedist-traumatologist at The Rudenko Clinic.

лечение плечевого суставаA shoulder joint is massive and powerful so that it can endure large pressures and take active part in coordination of movements. Because of its anatomy structure, a shoulder is increasingly prone to traumatic injuries; however, the same anatomy structure makes a shoulder less susceptible to degenerative, inflammatory and autoimmune processes.  Most patients with complaints about paint or stiffness in a shoulder have had a trauma in the past, they are or were athletes or they regularly engage in a heavy physical activity. If your life is overshadowed by painful feelings or constraints in your shoulder and you experience any of the factors: swollen soft tissues, intervertebral disc prolapses, hypodynamia (low physical activity) or excessive physical activity, numbness, feeling of goose bumps or creeps/needles in the arm. Then you have a reason to see a specialist doctor, a traumatologist.


Shoulder most common diseases

Given its anatomy, and in particular, that a shoulder joint is made of a humeral head, a glenoid cavity, an articular lip, a capsule and a set of ligaments, shoulder traumas can include:

shoulder pain

  • fracture of a surgical/anatomical shoulder neck
  • dislocation and incomplete dislocation of a shoulder
  • sprained ligaments
  • articular lip ruptures
  • damage to a shoulder joint

Among a few, but not numerous, metabolic and degenerative-dystrophic pathologies of a shoulder joint, most typical of the occurrent conditions are:

  • osteoarthrosis of a shoulder joint
  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • synovitis of a shoulder joint
  • humeroscapular periarthritis


Where to ask for help if I have a problem with a shoulder joint?

At The Rudenko Clinic, a team of highly professional orthopedists-traumatologists is specialized in treatment of fractures, dislocations, arthroses and other damages of a shoulder joint. During first visit, our doctor will carry out an initial examination and will assign additional methods of examination such as X-ray and ultrasound examination of a shoulder joint, depending on an individual condition. In some complicated medical cases, or when a mini-invasive, precision diagnostics is required, a doctor can discuss with you an option of a shoulder joint arthroscopy. Our clinic has all professional equipment and doctors who are excellent at working with it. After the diagnostics is done (within shortest period of time), you will receive an accurate diagnosis, a correct and effective treatment, an individually designed rehabilitation program, and soon you will return to your normal life without even so much as reminiscent pain.

If you choose our clinic, you choose confidence and a peaceful state of mind, and will save your time, which you can later use with your close ones.

Call the number in the Contacts section, and our professionals will gladly help you.

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